Hey. I’m me–I mean, LoweFantasy, or T.S. Lowe, depending on whether you like my original works or my fanfiction, I do equal amounts of each. Oh, and some poetry, but you’re not supposed to know that.

Um, I write. Like…a lot. Sort of made my whole career about it and got my bachelor’s in creative writing from Southern Utah University. I spent a few years ghostwriting to help support my family, but writing novels for other people to take credit for just so they can use the kindle-get-rich-quick scheme was really sucking out my soul, so I quit that and decided to just focus on writing my own stuff.

Besides writing, I have interests in drawing, painting, bellydancing, music, tending chickens, holding my cat upside down, and watching old children’s animes (because they make me cackle and appreciate the little things). I live in the super north of Utah which is mostly rock and sun with my really awesome hubby and my little son. They’re seriously my life.

I’m all up for making friends or getting constructive criticism, so feel free to email me or message me on any of the various social medias I can handle being on. I’m pretty much a slave for my readers.

Links below to all my various tentacles of socialization, to make it easy for you. They’re not pretty fancy buttons, because I’m poor and know diddly squat about computer crap, but one day I’ll find a widget button for it. Until then…here…

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