I Got Interviewed! Because, you know, I write stuff…that’s cool, right? Right? :<

So I got invited for an author’s interview on this amazing fellow author and editor’s site (you guys have to check it out, she’s got the works). Of course I answered all the questions like the anxious Mallow trying to be cool that I am, so I don’t know how smart they are or ‘deep,’ but at least I didn’t answer anything with those Yoga like answers. You know, like when you ask an artist where they get their inspiration, and they say something like ‘the breathtaking sublime view of the night sky, gazing down at me with the majesty of God’s creations like a bajillion sparkling eyes of diamond.’ I mean, kudos to you if you do write that, but, you know…

Aw gee, whatever. Here’s the link. *hides in despair behind desk*



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