Table of Contents; Erase Me

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Chapter 1: Come No Closer, Kindness

Chapter 2: Quiet Now

Chapter 3: Fate, Please

Chapter 4: Hear Yourself

Chapter 5: If I Die

Chapter 6: What’s Wrong?

Chapter 7: Tattle Tale

Chapter 8: Courage in the Park

Chapter 9: I Saw Light

Chapter 10: Secrets

Chapter 11: To Love the  Moon

Chapter 12: Stop

Chapter 13: You Do That

Chapter 14: For Being Pathetic

Chapter 15: If Luck is With Us

Chapter 16: Creep

Chapter 17: Unexpected Ally

Chapter 18: Rumor of Friends

Chapter 19: Secret Cure

Chapter 20: How?

Chapter 21: Of Cats and Demons

Chapter 22: Lullaby

Chapter 23: We’re Not Good

Chapter 24: To Flee

Chapter 25: Bravery

Chapter 26: Larger Than Fear

Chapter 27: Want


Bonus Epilogue/Behind the Scenes

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