Table of Contents: Opal and Genie

Just click on the chapter you want to go to!

Chapter 1: The Unwanted Hero

Chapter 2: The First Gerudo

Chapter 3: Dreadful Wind and Rain

Chapter 4: Wings of Freedom

Chapter 5: The Man in Love with the Sun

Chapter 6: Father’s Apples

Chapter 7: The Dragon’s Love and Hate

Chapter 8: Prison Singer

Chapter 9: Lady of the Master Sword

Chapter 10: The Snow Maiden

Chapter 11: Intermission

Chapter 12: The Color Master

Chapter 13: In Search of Fairies

Chapter 14: Desert

Chapter 15: What Was Truly Given

Chapter 16: Village of the Forgotten

Chapter 17: Hrathbern

Chapter 18: The Mother

Chapter 19: Mother’s Dance


Bonus Epilogue: Tetra

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