Bite Deep

Bite deep to my bones and take breath to tell what taste I possess. Lick wide to gather all the touch so I can be velveteen. Then clutch me hard and desperate, with sight thrown back to fully smell my afterimage: A flash of red and solo.

Off Kilter

I crouch in a dark room. Sun closed off. Sky closed off. Curtains, keep all sight away, because my chest is painfully tight and a hole is burning through me for no reason, and it blisters against the thoughts screaming "Why?" But there's really no answer to that. Or an answer too large to hold, … Continue reading Off Kilter


Catskin By T.S. Lowe   Chapter 1: Athena Goddess Athena wanted a brother more than anything else. "But you do have a brother," said her favorite maid, whose disfigured face and body betrayed the kind soul underneath. "What? Where?" Her five year old mind couldn't quite get to the question of, if she had a … Continue reading Catskin