Under the pen name T.S. Lowe, I write books! I mean, works of fiction! Oh, screw it, you get the idea.

I write in the young adult genre, though occasionally I wonder if some of them could easily move into the adult genre, or if there is even much of a difference, probably because true lover of books don’t care what age group their stories are directed at.

Below is listed my publish works and a synopsis for each. I aim to get my books as far as I can, so I keep the price as low as possible. Wait, is it bad to talk about price when you talk about books? Is that not kosher? Did I botch something?

*sigh* Muut.

Click here for “Out of Duat”

Click here for “Erase Me”

Click here for “Wendy”

and some short stories in case you’re lazy


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